The Luxury Go full set the manager recommends MRL-308-YG02

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The Luxury Go full set the manager recommends.

This is a full set of the highest quality products, all of which are "supreme gems".
The manager has selected them with confidence.

The regular price of 1,828,880 yen is reduced by 429,880 yen to a special price of 1,399,000 yen for one set only.

*Due to the heavy weight of this full set, the packing weight may exceed the weight limit for shipping.
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We recommend this set because・・・
The board is Famous Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi YOSHIDA made Hyuga Kaya Go Board with Legs Kiura 5.2-Sun (about 159 mm thick).
This 5.2-Sun wood backed board with legs is made from 400 year old Hyuga Kaya wood from Miyazaki prefecture, a rare species where wood of sufficient diameter to make a board with legs is rarely found in the market.
The wood has a strong oily flavor with a color typical of Miyazaki.

The Go stones are "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade size 38", the highest grade of Mexican Clamshell Go stones.
Each "Clamshell Go stones" is carefully handcrafted by our Go stone craftsmen, and is a gem with exceptional hitting taste and special texture and feel.
It is a top quality "Clamshell Go stones" with pure white color and beautiful stripes.
The thickness of size 38 (thickness: approx. 10.7mm) is Sufficient thickness exceeding 10 mm, and you can fully enjoy the taste of Clamshell Go stones, which have both a profound and luxurious feel.
*The black Go stones come with Nachiguro Go stones.

Go Bowl is made of Kurokaki black persimmon wood for size 30 - 35 Go stones "Hon-in-bo" shape, which is very rare and has a beautiful contrast of black and white.
This Kurokaki Go Bowl has very beautiful elegant lines as if drawn with a fine brush, and is a gem that no two pieces are alike.
The contrast of black and white created by nature creates a strong impact.
This Go Bowl is the popular "Hon-in-bo" Go Bowl with a traditional shape.
*For more information about "Hon-in-bo" shape, please refer to the product link below.

This full set includes the Go Board, Go Stone, Go Bowls, Bags for Go Bowls, Paulownia Box for Go bowls, Tatami Mat, and Go Stone Care Set.
This set is suitable for intermediate to advanced players, as a gift, or as a collection. Of course, it is also recommended for actual games.

Go board: Famous Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi YOSHIDA made Hyuga Kaya Go Board with Legs Kiura 5.2-Sun (about 159 mm thick).
Kaya is the best material for Go and Shogi boards, because of its good hitting taste, elasticity, beautiful grain, color, luster, and aroma.
Hyuga Kaya is a close grain tree harvested from the mountainous area of southern Kyushu, and is considered to be of exceptional quality.
The reason why Hyuga Kaya from Miyazaki, southern Kyushu is considered to be of the highest quality is because of the environment in which it grows.
The climate in southern Kyushu and Miyazaki area has relatively high temperature differences, high rainfall, and strong direct sunlight, all of which help to produce clear grain grains.
The wood grows on rocky terrain and requires several hundred years to grow into a tree large enough to be used as board material, which is why it is considered a top quality product because of its rarity as well as its wood quality.
The grain of the wood is very fine and dense, so it is very resistant to distortion and distortion.
Hyuga Kaya boards are used in various title tournaments.
The sound of striking the stones is very clear.
Hyuga Kaya is one of the most expensive and valuable wood in the world, and is the most popular wood in Japan.
*Scales are finished with Japanese lacquer Tachimori.
*Tatami mat included.

Go Stone: "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade 38". Size 38 (thickness: approx. 10.7 mm)" is thick enough to exceed 10 mm, and is a thickness that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of playing Clamshell Go stones, which have both a profound and luxurious feel.
It takes several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand pieces of shells to make one set of Go stones of this thickness and quality, which are classified as Snow grade.
Each Clamshell Go stone is made by hand by craftsmen through a process of more than 20 manufacturing steps.
It takes approximately 2 to 6 months from the clam shell to the finished product.
We invite you to experience the skill of goishi making that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and the brilliance of Go stone cut by traditional Go stone making craftsmen.
The "snow grade" is a title that can only be bestowed on Go stone with stripes that are at least 80% straight.
Its production is very low, about 10% of the total production.
*Please check the stripe sample image.
*These Go stones are made from Mexican Clamshells.
*Nachiguro Go stones (Black Go stones) is included.
*Comes with a Go stones care set.

Go Bowl: Made of Kurokaki black persimmon wood.
Kurokaki Go Bowl is a high-end Go Bowl with a beautiful appearance characterized by the contrast of black and white.
Kurokaki wood needs to be dried naturally for years, and finally becomes usable as a material after a long and slow process.
Since the shrinkage rate is completely different between the white and black parts of the wood, it is easy to crack during the drying process, and many kurokaki woods crack and crack.
Kurokaki wood is very difficult to handle.
The greatest feature of Kurokaki Go Bowl is the black pattern that appears to be drawn on the bright wood.
Some wood has a pattern as if drawn with a fine brush, and some has a bold black pattern, which is a miracle of nature, as no two pieces are alike.
Kurokaki wood is not often sold in the market, and it is difficult to tell whether or not it has a black pattern until it is cut, and even if it does, it is difficult to tell how the pattern is formed until the Go Bowl is made.
Only craftsmen who have been engaged in Go Bowl making for many years and know the wood inside and out can make a black persimmon Go Bowl, which is truly a gem worthy of being called an excellent piece of wood.
Unlike the rounded Yasui shape, which is the most widely distributed type today, the Honinbo shape is characterized by its shape, which resembles the joints of a bamboo.
In fact, the "Hon-in-bo" shape has a longer history, and until the Yasui shape was introduced, this type was the mainstream.
*Bags for Go Bowl made of Nishijin included.
*Paulownia Box for Go bowls is included.
*For details of each product, please refer to the product links below.

  • Go Board:Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi YOSHIDA made Hyuga Kaya Go Board with Legs Kiura 5.2-Sun (about 159 mm thick)
  • Product Number:No.74016F
    Size:height approx.459 ㎜ × width approx.424 ㎜ × thick approx.159 ㎜ × Legs approx.120 ㎜
    Weight:approx. 18.8 ㎏
    Accessory:Cotton cover for Go board with legsPaulownia Cover for Go Board with legsTatami mat for Board

  • Go stones: Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade 38
    Thickness: size 38 White stones / approx. 10.7mm, Black stones / 11.0mm Diameter: White stone/21.9mm, Black stone/22.2mm
    Quantity: 180 white Clamshell Go stones, 181 Black Nachiguro Go stones (+ 2 spare Go stones each)
    Raw Materials: White Go stones / Mexican Clam Shells, Black Go stones / Nachiguro Go stones from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
    Our Nachiguro Go stones are 0.3mm thicker and 0.3mm larger in diameter than the same number of Clamshell White Go stones.
    The reason is that white color is an expansion color, which makes the black stones look a little smaller than white stones of the same diameter and thickness.
    A paulownia Go stones wood box, a cloth bag for Go stones, and a certificate of guarantee include.
    Accessory:Go Stones Care Kit "White and Black Go stones care kit Pack"

  • Kurokaki [black persimmon] Go Bowls for size 36 - 42 Go stones "Hon-in-bo" shape GKKG-MR42H-209-01C One set
    Product number:GKKG-MR42H-209-01
    Size:Super Extra size 36 - 42 Go stones one set Accessory:Bags for Go Bowls [Pair items] specially made by Kurokigoishiten 1 set Paulownia Box for Go bowls

  • Please bear the actual cost for shipping charges outside Japan.

  • You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
    There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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