Gold and platinum leaf finish Dazzling Go stones "KIRAMEKI" for 19*19-ro Go board

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Gold and platinum leaf finish Dazzling Go stones "煌 KIRAMEKI" by Norifumi Fujisawa, a certified craftsman who is engaged in manufacturing products as a gold leaf press craftsman in Kyoto.
*This product is Go stones only. Go board and Go bowls are not included.

We have produced a luxurious and gorgeous 9X9 Go board set in collaboration with our Go stones and a gold leaf stamping traditional craftsman in Kyoto.
This is a special order product sold only at our store and cannot be realized elsewhere.

Gold leaf craftsman "Norifumi Fujisawa"

Born in Kyoto City, he graduated from the Kyoto Traditional Crafts College of Butsugu (Buddhist altar) gold leaf stamping course in 1998, and studied under Masaharu Okamoto, a traditional craftsman and a contemporary master gold leaf stamping artist.
He was involved in gold leaf processing for shrines and temples throughout Japan.
He later became independent as "Kyo Kinpaku Oshi Tokowaka" (Kyoto Gold Leaf Pressing Tokowaka) and obtained the title of "Certified Craftsman of Kyoto" approved by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture in 2015.

In recent years, he has been actively expanding the scope of his activities by managing projects that fuse traditional gold leaf techniques with contemporary art and other genres, holding gold leaf workshops and solo exhibitions in France, Asia, and other regions, and actively communicating the appeal of gold leaf stamping both domestically and internationally.

White Go stones : Clamshell Go stones Premium Blossom grade size 34 is platinum leaf stamped by Gold leaf craftsman Norifumi Fujisawa and the surface is finished with clear Urethane Coating Finish.
Black Go stones : Nachi-guro slate Go stones size 34 is Gold leaf stamped by Gold leaf craftsman Norifumi Fujisawa and the surface is finished with clear Urethane Coating Finish.
Both gold and platinum leaf do not cover the entire surface of the Go stones, but instead leave the color part of the Go stones intact, while the beauty of the gold and platinum leaf shines through.
This product named it "Dazzling Go stones "煌 KIRAMEKI"" because of the pattern of each piece, which is made by hand with great care and each piece shows a different expression.

  • Product : Gold and platinum leaf finish Dazzling Go stones size 34 "煌 KIRAMEKI" by Gold leaf craftsman Norifumi Fujisawa
    Quality : The highest quality with almost no scratches that has cleared strict selection standards.
    Grade (striped pattern) : The spacing between the stripes is a little coarser than "Snow grade", which is about 70% or less of the total.
    Thickness : size 34 : White Go stones/9.5 ㎜, Black Go stones/9.8 ㎜
    Diameter : White Go stones/21.9㎜, Black Go stones/22.2㎜
    *Our black Go stones are 0.3 mm large thicker and 0.3 mm large diameter than the same size of white Go stones.
    The reason is that white is an expanded color, so when you see white Go stones and black Go stones of the same diameter and thickness with the human eye, the black Go stones look a little smaller.
    So we adjusted them so that they look the same size.
    Quantity : 180 platinum leaf finish Clamshell White Go stones, 181 Gold leaf finish Nachiguro Slate Black Go stones
    1 spare each
    Materials : White Go stones/Mexican clamshell, Black Go Stones/Nachiguro Slate from Kumano City, Mie Pref., Japan
    Include : wooden Go stones box, Fabric Go stones bag

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