Value and Price of Shogi Piece Stands

In general, the shogi piece stand is made of wood.
It is said that "the material of the shogi piece stand should be a little darker in color than the board”, but recently many people choose their favorite material according to their preference.
Popular materials include Island Mulberry from Mikurajima Island, Yakusugi Cedar, Torreya (Conifer), and Zelkova. Other popular choices include shogi piece stands made of fine-grained precious wood with Moku (unique figures).
Some people also choose to have a shogi piece stand made of the same material as the shogi piece box.
There are two main types of shogi piece stands: those for shogi boards with legs and those for tabletop shogi boards. These two types are made according to the height of the shogi board’s surface, and therefore they have different shapes.
Shogi piece stand for a board with legs
In most cases, the height of a shogi piece stand for a board with legs is higher than that of a shogi piece stand for a tabletop board, so the shogi piece stand itself also has legs. There are 2 types of legged shogi piece stands: the 1-legged and the 4-legged. The 1-legged is simple and sleek looking, while the 4-legged is a little more elaborate and luxurious.
Shogi piece stands for tabletop boards
There are various types of shogi piece stands for tabletop boards, including luxurious ones with decorative carvings on the sides and bottom, and simple ones with only chamfering (shaved edges to improve the texture and appearance), depending on the craftsman.