Points and membership ranks based on cumulative purchase amount

1 point will be awarded for every 100 Japanese yen spent, starting at 1,000 Japanese yen or more. (Point rate can be increased)
Points can be used from 1 point = 1 yen.
Your membership rank will increase according to the amount of your total purchases.
Members who advance their membership rank will receive higher point rates and other benefits for each rank.

【How to earn points】

  1. Please register as a store member to shop.
    Please be sure to log in before shopping next time.

    *You must be logged in to receive points.(Click here to register as a member.)
    *Please log in to My Page to check your purchase history, points held, point expiration date, and more.

  2. Points are earned based on the price of the product.
    Points are accumulated at a point rate based on membership rank.
    Membership ranks start at "Bronze".
    For Bronze Rank members, 1 point is awarded for every 100 yen (Japanese yen, tax included) spent. ( (For details, please refer to "About Membership Rank". ↓)

    *Shipping charges are not included in the points eligibility.
    *Points will be awarded for purchases of 1,000 Japanese yen (tax included) or more.
    *If you pay in a currency other than Japanese yen, your points will be calculated based on the Japanese yen price of the item you purchased.
    *When using points, points will be awarded for the amount of points deducted.

    <Example> In the case of bronze rank
    Purchase 10,000 yen ⇒ Use 500 points ⇒ Points awarded for 9,500 yen (1%) ⇒ 95 points earned

  3. Both purchase points and rank-up bonus points can be used at 1 point = 1 yen from your next purchase.
    You can check your current rank and point history on the My Account page.

【How to use points】

  1. Please enter the points to be used on the cart payment screen.

    *The point entry field will not appear unless you are logged in.
    *Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
    *When using points, points will be awarded for the amount of points subtracted.

    ↓ Enter numbers and click "Use Points"

  2. Points will be discounted at the time of purchase.
    It will be discounted as a coupon.
    The coupon code will be automatically entered.

    *Validity of points...730 days (about 2 years).
    *Each point awarded has an expiration date.
    *When using the combined points, the points will be consumed starting with the points closest to the expiration date.
    Points will expire at 0:00 Japan time (24:00 Japan time on the expiration date shown in the point history) on the day following the point expiration date, and "Expired" will be shown in the point history available on My Page.
    *In the event of cancellation of a purchase, the points used will be refunded and the points earned will be deducted.
    *You can check your point history on My Page.
    *The point system is not available for guest purchases without membership registration or for newsletter-only members.

【Check Points】

You can check your point earning history, current rank, and the amount required to reach the next rank on My Page.

【About Membership Rank】

Ranks will be upgraded based on cumulative purchases (in Japanese yen, including tax).
Bonus points will be awarded upon rank advancement.


Membership Rank Up Benefits

  • Point rationing
  • Earn rank-up bonus points
Cumulative purchase amount
(tax included)
percentage of points awarded
Rank Up Bonus pt
Bronze Rank
2,000 pt
Silver Rank
5,000 pt
Gold Rank
10,000 pt
Platinum Rank
30,000 pt
Premium Rank
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