Points to consider when selecting Go stones

The key to choosing a Go stone is to 'choose the right one for the right purpose'.
Who uses Go stones? Go stones are used by yourself, your children, your grandchildren, everyone, etc.
User-friendly (easy to hold between fingers, easy to play) go stones for daily use? Thick and heavy Go stones? High-class Go stones? For gifts? For beginners? For a certain level of experience? How good is your game? Rarity? What are the most popular stones? We recommend that you consider these factors when making your selection.
For introductory and beginners
For children
For everyday use
Clamshell Go stones Blue Label
Clamshell Go stones Premium Blossom grade
● Size: size 28(thick/7.5 mm) - 36(thick/10.1 mm)
For beginners,children, and daily use, we recommend "Clamshell Go Stones Blue Label" or "Clamshell Go stones Premium Blossom grade", size 28 to 36. When you play Go stones, you put them between your fingers, and the thickness that is generally considered easy to put between fingers is "size 28 to 36". Therefore, Go stones with thicknesses of "size 28 to 36" are practical and relatively inexpensive.
Gift, Intermediate and above
For those who want high quality Go stones
If you "want to buy a better one because you are buying it," or if you want a gift or a high-quality Go stone, we recommend "Clamshell Go stones Premium Snow grade" and "Clamshell Go stones Blue Label Snow grade". The price difference between the two stones is large, so please choose according to your budget and preference. The feel, touch and texture of the Clamshell Go stones are completely different from glass or plastic Go stones.
If your budget allows, we recommend using a Clamshell Go stone when you want to enjoy the game of Go to your heart's content.