"Un-Sun-Karuta うんすんかるた" Traditional Japanese Playing Cards

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This is "Un-Sun-Karuta うんすんかるた" traditional Japanese Playing cards produced by "Oishi Tengu-Do," a long-established karuta company founded in 1800.

It is believed that "Un-Sun-Karuta" was first made by Japanese people in imitation of "Nanban Karuta," which was introduced to Japan from Portugal around the end of the 16th century.
It was a popular game for the common people at the time, but because it was used for gambling, it was repeatedly banned by the shogunate and disappeared from the history of the game.

Since this Karuta is said to be the prototype of Japanese Karuta, it is recommended as a gift for those who are interested in Japanese culture and Karuta peculiar to Japan.

Today, Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto Prefecture is the only place in Japan where the game of "Un-Sun-Karuta" is still practiced.
Before World War II, the game was so popular that inter-village competitions were held, but nowadays few people know exactly how to play it, and in 1965 it was designated an intangible cultural asset of the prefecture.
*Japanese instruction manual is included.
*The back side is black.
*Comes in a special wooden box.
*The cards are made of paper.

"Oishi-Tengu-Do 大石天狗堂" was founded in 1800 by "Kuranosuke Oishi 大石内蔵助" in Kyoto, and has been a long-established karuta (Japanese style playing cards) shop in Kyoto for over 200 years.
Through "karuta," as represented by the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, as well as Go and Shogi, "Oishi-Tengu-Do 大石天狗堂" is conveying the traditional beauty of Japan, the Japanese spirit, and the elegance and fun of Kyoto to the modern age.
Oishi Tengu-do's representative products include Iroha Karuta, Inubou Karuta, Kyo Iroha Karuta, Genji Karuta, Genji Kaiawase, Hana Karuta, Hanafuda, Unsun Karuta, as well as Hyakunin Isshu.
In particular, Oishi Tengu-do produces karuta approved by the All Japan Karuta Association for the Hyakunin Isshu, and the Genji Karuta, a karuta based on Japan's world-famous Tale of Genji, is another popular product of Oishi Tengu-do.

  • "Un-Sun-Karuta うんすんかるた" traditional Japanese Playing cards
  • 75 cards
    *The cards are made of paper.
    *The design is printed.
    *It is packaged in a wooden box.
    *Includes Japanese instruction manual.
  • Size : Cards / 69 × 45
    Wooden box / 97 × 257 × 28mm
  • Weight : About 315g

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