Clamshell Go stones craftsman Mr.Yoshifumi Shimozuru produced Go stones


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Clamshell Go stones craftsman Mr.Yoshifumi Shimozuru made Go stones.

These Go stones are special clamshell Go stones made by "traditional craftsman Mr. Yoshifumi Shimozuru," who alone handles the entire process from the selection of raw materials to the rough shaping, medium shaping, and finishing shaping to create the shape of the Go stones.

The wooden box and Go stones bag of the packages are also custom-made for these special Go stones.

This title is given to those who have been engaged in the manufacture of "traditional crafts" designated by Miyazaki Prefecture for more than 15 years, and who are recognized as having a high level of traditional skills, techniques, and knowledge necessary for the maintenance and development of such crafts.
There are only a few craftsmen, including Mr. Yoshifumi Shimozuru, who have been certified as traditional artisans of clamshell Go stones.

These clamshell Go stones are made from Mexican clamshells, and each one is made by "traditional craftsman Mr.Yoshifumi Shimozuru" with all his heart and soul.
Among them, only white, beautiful and well-shaped Go stones are carefully selected by a selector to make these special clamshell Go stones.
*These Go stones are numbered with a certificate of identification as a proof of production by "traditional craftsman Mr. Yoshifumi Shimozuru".
*Please check the photo image.

Traditional clamshell Go stones Craftsman "Mr. Yoshifumi Shimozuru" / Go Stones Craftsman Mr. Shimozuru was born in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture in 1951.
In 2018, he was certified as a traditional craftsman of Hyuga Clamshell Go stones.
His motto is "Nichinichi Kore Syo-jin.
This motto represents his strong will to face hardships and difficulties head-on and overcome them.

  • Clamshell Go stones craftsman Mr.Yoshifumi Shimozuru made Go stones size 36
  • Quality:These are the highest quality Go stones with almost no flaws, having passed strict selection criteria.
  • Grade:The stripes are less than 80%.
    *Please check the stripe comparison image.
    *Black Go stones are also included.
  • thickness:size 36 White Go stones/10.1 ㎜, Black Go stones/10.4 ㎜
  • Diameter:White Go stones/21.9 ㎜, Black Go stones/22.2 ㎜
    *Our Nachi-guro Black Go stones are 0.3mm thicker and 0.3mm larger in diameter than Clamshell White Go stones of the same size.
    The reason is that white color is an expansion color, which makes black Go stones look a little smaller than white Go stones of the same diameter and thickness.
  • Quantity:Clamshell Go stones 180, Nachi-guro slate Black Go stones 181(+2 spare Go stones each)
  • Raw materials:White Go stones/Mexican clam shell, black stones/Nachi black stone from Kumano, Mie Prefecture
  • Included : Certificate, exclusive wooden box, cloth bag for exclusive Go stones
  • Weight:About 2.9 kg

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