Wooden craft "Owl", Size L


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This is a wooden craft of "Owl" size L which has been believed to bring good luck since ancient times.
This is a piece with five owls perched on a branch.
*The owls at both ends are a bit large.

The "Owl" is said to be an auspicious "bird of good luck.
It is also considered a symbol of wisdom in Europe.

It is recommended as a gift and celebratory occasions.

Since ancient times, owls have been known in Japan as a good-luck talisman, with such lucky words as "ふくろう/Fukuro(Owl in Japanese) = good luck will come" and no hardship" being applied to them to wish for "good fortune" and "no hardship.

The owl is said to be a bird of good luck because it is nocturnal and has good night vision, and because its neck is flexible, it can see a wide area and is said to bring good luck, good fortune, and prosperity in business.

In Greece and Mexico, the owl is also a symbol of wealth, and is still popular today as a bird of good fortune, with ornaments displayed in homes.

The owl is also a bird that appears in ancient Roman mythology.
In Roman mythology, the owl perches on the shoulder of Minerva (also called Athena in Greek mythology), the goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts, and strategy, as a symbol of intelligence.
In Egyptian mythology, the owl is said to be a "mystical spirit" that can communicate with the other world, and such owls are regarded as prophets that can foretell danger.

This symbol of good fortune, the owl, is also known as the representative of Feng Shui for money.
It is said that money luck can be brought in by placing yellow objects in the west direction.
It also seems to be good to place owl goods at the entrance.

Owl goods are still valued as lucky charms in modern Japan, and are believed to bring good luck to many people and bring good fortune.

This wooden craft was made by several types of wood, including close grain, zelkova, and yakusugi, are used to produce this product, taking advantage of the different colors of the wood.

Recommended as a gift and celebratory occasions.

  • Wooden craft "Owl", Size L
    Size : About 300㎜ × 110㎜
    Weight : About 300g
    Quantity: 1

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