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3-piece Go set with Clamshell Go Stone BLUELABEL, Kuri [chestnut] Go Bowls and Shin - Hiba [ Yellow cedar ] wood Table Go Board.

This set is ideal for introductory to intermediate and advanced users. Recommended for everyday use and as a gift.

Limited time offer, two set only, of 3-piece Go sets for Begginer players.
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*It is only available from Jun.28 - Jul.28 JST.

Go stones
Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Size 30 (8.0 mm thickness), providing premium feel and stability.
Please fully enjoy the beautiful texture and the true feeling of natural clamshell.
Quality: Quasi-Premium Grade (Shape, color and scratch etc.)
Grade (striped pattern):The spacing between the stripes is a little coarser than "Snow grade", which is about 70% or less of the total.
*Please check the striped sample image.
*"Nachiguro" slate black Go stones are also included.

Go bowls
This Go bowls are made from Kuri [chestnut] wood.
The Kuri [chestnut] has a large annual ring and is a little rough, but it is a light and durable chestnut Go bowls with a calm dark brown wood color.
Kuri [chestnut]-made Go bowls are widely used because they are relatively inexpensive, affordable, and durable.
*Please check the image.

Go board
This Go Board is made from Hiba [ Yellow cedar ] wood.
A table Go board of around 2 sun (about 6 cm) is relatively lightweight while having a moderate thickness, so it is a popular and most commonly used table Go board.
Hiba [ Yellow cedar ] wood is a material that is widely used as a board material because it has a bright wood color and a wood grain that is not very noticeable.

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  • Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Size 30
    Thickness:size 30(8.0 mm )
    Quantity:Clamshell white Go stones 180、Slate black Go stones 181
    Included:Wooden box, Fabric bag for Go stones, Spare Go stones(2 each of white and black Go stones), Quality Certificate, Product Information
    *White Go stones are made of Mexican clam shells.
    *Black Go stones are made of Nachi-Kuroishi from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture.

  • Kuri [chestnut] Go Bowls
    Size : For size 22 - 30 Go stones

  • Hiba [ Yellow cedar ] wood made Table Go Board Size 20
    Thickness:About 5.5cm 3~5-piece composition board
    Weight : About 6.0kg
    *This board's lines are screen printed

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