『Renewal the 2nd Anniversary celebrate SALE』406-SHS-04 4-Piece Shogi Set for intermediate to advanced players

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This Shogi set is Luxury 4-piece shogi set includes HonKaya Table Shogi board , Shogi pieces made by Mikurajima-Hontsuge, Shogi pieces stand and Shogi pieces bag.

This is a full-fledged Shogi set for advanced players, so we recommend this Shogi set for those who want a top-of-the-line Shogi set or a luxurious set as a gift for someone who enjoys Shogi.
It is also recommend as a gift.

Limited time offer, one set only, of 4-piece Shogi sets for advanced players.
Regular price 91,300 JPY ⇒ Renewal the 2nd Anniversary celebrate SALE price 69,900 JPY (21,400 JPY OFF)
*It is only available from Jun.28 - Jul.28.

Shogi pieces
These shogi pieces are finished by Carved Shogi pieces.
Materials / Mikurajima-hon-tsuge (Mikura Island boxwood).
Calligraphic styles / Kinki-syo (Kinki script) , Hori-goma (Pieces with carved characters in Japanese lacquer).

Shogi board
Honkaya Table Shogi board 1.9-Sun (about 60 mm thick)
The lines of a board are marked using Tachi-mori, the skill of drawing lines using a Japanese sword.
This traditional technique highlights the beauty of natural grain patterns and the texture of lacquered line is smooth and has also a nice feeling.
It is a beautiful board with a light wood color and straight grain on the top surface.
Color stains can be seen on the bottom and the side.
The bottom has an intergrown knot.
*Please check the photo images.

Shogi pieces stand
 Kaya made Shogi pieces stand (1 pair).
 This is Hyuga kaya made Decorative carving Shogi pieces stand (1Pair) for 2.0-Sun (about 60 mm) Shogi board.
Hyuga Kaya made Shogi pieces stand with elaborating design and work.
This Shogi pieces stand is made from Hyuga kaya wood (Japanese torreya) that is the highest quality material to make Go and Shogi boards.

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Shogi Pieces:香松 "Komatsu" made Shogi Pieces 錦旗 "Kinki" calligraphy style
Shogi pieces in a paulownia flat box
*machine engraving

Shogi Board:Japan-grown Hon Kaya Masame 2-piece composition Table Shogi board (1.9-Sun / about 6.0 cm thick) No.86163
Size: 369㎜ × 338㎜ × 126㎜
Weight:about 8.7kg

Shogi pieces stand:Shogi Pieces stand for 2-Sun (6cm-thick) Table Shogi Board , Hyuga Kaya made Decorative carving KMD-HKTH-211-04
Product No.:KMD-HKTH-211-04
Size: 120㎜ x 121㎜ x 55㎜
Weight:about 698g

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