『Renewal the 2nd Anniversary celebrate SALE』406-SHS-06 3-Piece Shogi Set for beginners

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This Shogi set is beginners 3-piece shogi set includes folding Shogi board, Shogi pieces and Shogi pieces bag.

This inexpensive set is recommended for those who want to "start playing Shogi!"
It is recommended for daily use or as a Christmas gift.

Limited time offer, 5 set only, of 3-piece Shogi sets for beginners.
Regular price 8,000 JPY ⇒
Renewal the 2nd Anniversary celebrate SALE price 5,900 JPY (2,100 JPY OFF)
*It is only available from Jun.28 - Jul.28 JST.

Shogi pieces
Stamp printed Shogi pieces, Kaede
*Shogi pieces bag is included.

Shogi board
This Shogi board is Agathis wood made folding Shogi board size 5 (thickness about 1.3 cm) that can be folded in half when not in use.

  • Shogi pieces : Stamp printed Shogi pieces, Kaede
    Shogi pieces in a wooden box
    Weight : About 140g
    *Shogi pieces bag is included.
  • Shogi board : Agathis Folding Shogi Board size5 (thickness about 1.3 cm)
    Size : 331 ㎜ × 150(300) ㎜ × 15 ㎜
    Weight : About 630g

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