『Renewal the 2nd Anniversary celebrate SALE』406-SHS-08 Shogi pieces "Taimei-Koma"

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Winner of the Good Design Award 2016, the "Taimei-Koma" (大明駒) is both well-designed and practical.

Simple visualization + Easy understanding

TAIMEI KOMA is a set of Shogi designed for beginners, those who are not familiar with kanji characters, and just anybody who want to play Shogi.
The graphic, instead of Kanji characters, on each piece indicates the movement of the piece, showing the direction where the piece can move.
As each movement is visually explained, it is easy even for the beginners to get started, and those who are not familiar with kanji characters can also enjoy playing Shogi within no time.

Limited time offer, 1 set only, of 2-piece TAIMEI KOMA Shogi sets for beginners.
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*It is only available from Jun.28 - Jul.28 JST.

These shogi pieces have been highly acclaimed for their design and have been introduced on numerous TV programs, magazines, newspapers, and websites.
It is a new type of shogi piece that is completely different from regular pieces that are marked with letters, and yet it can be used to play shogi, and moreover, "you can tell how to move the piece by looking at it.

Since the design of the pieces directly represents the movement of each piece, it is easy to play Shogi even before learning the names and movements of the pieces.
The game was also developed so that beginners can easily grasp the opponent's moves, which are often overlooked by beginners, visually and get accustomed to Shogi more quickly.
It can be used conveniently by experienced players to teach beginners.
In addition, the design is universal, so that foreign players who have difficulty identifying Chinese characters can easily play Shogi.

The piece material is the finest hon-Tsuge (Japanese boxwood) from Mikura-island.
Each Shogi pieces are carefully hand-painted and finished.
*A felt shogi board is included.

Mr. Taimei Inaba
Born in 1978
Graduated from Tama Art University Graphic Design Department
Art Director, Graphic Designer

  • Mikurajima-hon-tsuge (Mikura Island grown boxwood) Shogi pieces "Taimei-Koma"
    *A felt shogi board is included
    in a paper box
    Weight : About 230g

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