Manager's Recommended 3-Piece Go Set - ⑤ Popularity NO.1 selling Go board with legs, Clamshell Go stones and Honkuwa Go Bowl

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This is Kurokigoishiten Web Shop Manager's Recommended 3-Piece Go Set with Go board with legs.

We recommend it because・・・
The board is made of spruce with legs size 40 and is about 12 cm thick.
Its moderate thickness, beautiful grain on the top surface, and relatively low cost for a go board with legs are the reasons for its popularity.

Go stone is Clamshell Go Stones Premium Blossom grade size 40. The reason for its popularity is its overwhelming thickness of 11.3 mm, which is both massive, luxurious, and has a sense of presence, as well as the price, which is about 1/5 of the higher grade "Snow grade" despite its high quality. *The black Go stone comes with Nachi-guro Black stones.

The Go Bowl is "Honkuwa Go Bowls" which is a high-class Go Bowl. The "Honkuwa Go Bowl" is the most popular and highly recommended. The grain, color, quality, strength, and beauty of the wood are all first-class, and the Honkaku Go Bowl is highly popular and highly recommended.

It is recommended as a gift or collection. Of course, it is also recommended for actual games. It is suitable for beginners, beginner to intermediate, daily use, and as a gift.
Go board :        Shin-Kaya Go board with legs size 40
Shin Kaya (Japanese Kaya) board with legs and feet size 40.
Shin Kaya wood is not "Hon Kaya" or "Hyuga Kaya" wood, but it is relatively inexpensive and recommended for daily use, beginner to intermediate level use, or as a gift.
The board is made of close grain patterns and has a very good quality finish. The board is not so heavy for a board with legs, and has a good balance of thickness and weight. The board is made of spruce wood, which is different from "Kaya" wood.
The lines are screen-printed.

*Please check the photo image.
Go stones : Clamshell Go Stones Premium Blossom grade size 40
Clamshell Go stones are white Go stones made from clam shells.
Each Clamshell Go stone is made by hand by Go stones craftsmen through more than 20 manufacturing processes.
It takes approximately 2 to 6 months from the clam shell to the finished product.
We hope you will experience the skill of Go stones making that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and the brilliance of the Go stones carved by traditional Go stone making craftsmen.

Go Bowls : Honkuwa [Mulberry] Go Bowls
Honkuwa [Mulberry] wood has a beautiful yellowish wood color, and when polished, it appears golden with a unique texture.
The wood is extremely hard, so much so that it is used to make walking sticks, which require great strength.

*For more information on each product, please refer to the product links.
  • Shin-Kaya Go board with legs size 40
    thickness : about 12.0 cm
    Weight : about 13.5 ㎏
    Materials : Spruce wood
  • Go stones:Clamshell Go Stones Premium Blossom grade size 40
    Thickness: approx. 11.3mm
    Diameter: White Go stones/about 21.9mm, Black Go stones/about 22.2mm
    Quantity: 180 white clamshell Go stones, 181 black Nachiguro Go stones (+ 2 spare stones each)
    Raw Materials: White Go stones / Mexican Clam Shells, Black Go stones / Nachi Black Go stones from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
    Accessories: wooden box, cloth go stones bag, certificate of guarantee
    White Go stones are made from Mexican clam shells.

  • Go bowls:Honkuwa [Mulberry] Go Bowls Super Extra Large

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  • You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
    There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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