The Luxury Go full set the manager recommends MRL-308-KG01

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The Luxury Go full set the manager recommends.

This is a full set of the highest quality products, all of which are "supreme gems".
The manager has selected them with confidence.

The regular price of 2,262,880 yen is limited to one set, this time at a special price of 1,499,000 yen, a 33.8% discount.

*Due to the heavy weight of this full set, the packing weight may exceed the weight limit for shipping.
If you wish to ship internationally, please contact us by e-mail prior to purchase.
*If the shipping address is within Japan, the shipping charge is free.

 We recommend this set because・・・
The board is China grown Hon Kaya Masame Go board with legs 7.7-sun / 23.4 cm thick.
The length of the legs is approximately 110mm, so the total height is 344mm and the weight is approximately 25kg, which is enough to give the board a sense of massiveness, presence, and luxury.

The Go stones are "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade size 35", the highest grade of Mexican Clamshell Go stones.
Each "Clamshell Go stones" is carefully handcrafted by our Go stone craftsmen, and is a gem with exceptional hitting taste and special texture and feel.
It is a top quality "Clamshell Go stones" with pure white color and beautiful stripes.
The thickness of size 35 (thickness: approx. 9.8 mm) is neither too thin nor too thick, and is both easy to play and massive, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste of Clamshell Go stones.
*The black Go stones come with Nachiguro Go stones.

The Gold leaf (24k, class 1) finished Go Bowl made by a craftsman in Kyoto, Japan.
The 24k, class 1, which has a very high gold content of approximately 98%, is painstakingly pasted together to create the finished product. The inside of the Go Bowl, including the lid, is finished in vermilion lacquer, which is completely different from the gold leaf on the outside.
The contrast between the brilliance of the gold leaf and the vermilion lacquer coating is both strong and glittering, and is a gem of Japanese beauty.
This full set includes the Go Board, Go Stone, Go Bowls, Bag for Go Bowls, Paulownia Box for Go bowls, Tatami Mat, and Go Stone Care Set.
This set is suitable for intermediate to advanced players, as a gift, or as a collection. Of course, it is also recommended for actual games.

Go board: China grown Hon Kaya Masame Go board with legs 7.7-sun / 23.4 cm thick. Kaya wood is the best material for Go board and Shogi board, because of its good hitting taste, elasticity, beautiful grain, color, luster and aroma.
Chinese Kaya wood tends to be less popular than Japanese Kaya wood due to its reddish color, rarity, and wood quality, but this board is made of Japanese lacquer and has a beautifully finished surface.
*Scales are finished with Japanese lacquer Tachimori.
*Tatami mat included.

Go Stone: "Selected Clamshell Go Stones, Snow grade size 35". Clamshell Go stones are white Go stones made from clam shells.
Each Clamshell Go stone is made by hand by craftsmen through a process of more than 20 manufacturing steps.
It takes approximately 2 to 6 months from the clam shell to the finished product.
We invite you to experience the skill of goishi making that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and the brilliance of Go stone cut by traditional Go stone making craftsmen. Snow grade is a title that can only be given to Go stones with stripes that are more than 80% straight.
Its production is very low, about 10% of the total production.
The "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade" is the highest quality Go stone with almost no flaws and more than 80% straight stripes.
*Comes with a care set.

Go Bowl: "Gold leaf made (24k, class 1) finish Go Bowls" made by a lacquer and foil craftsman in Kyoto. All the gold parts on the outside of the Go Bowl are hand-applied with "(24k, class 1)" gold leaf by the craftsman.
The vermilion-colored inner part of the Go Bowl is finished in vermilion lacquer by a lacquer craftsman.
The contrast between the brightness of the gold leaf and the vermilion coating is both strong and glittering, and is a gem of Japanese beauty.
Bags for Go Bowl made of Nishijin included.
Paulownia Box for Go bowls is included.
*For details of each product, please refer to the product links below.

  • Go Board:China grown Hon Kaya Masame Go board with legs 7.7-sun / 23.4 cm thick
  • Product Number:No.71133
    Size:height approx.461 ㎜ × width approx.431 ㎜ × thick approx.234 ㎜ × leg approx.110 ㎜
    Weight:approx.25.1 ㎏
    Accessory:Cotton cover for Go board with legsPaulownia Cover for Go Board with legsTatami mat

  • Go stones: Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade size 35
    *"Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade size 35" is not usually sold. The link is to the "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade" page.
    Thickness: size 35 White stones / approx. 9.8mm, Black stones / 10.1mm Diameter: White stone/21.9mm, Black stone/22.2mm
    Quantity: 180 white Clamshell Go stones, 181 Black Nachiguro Go stones (+ 2 spare Go stones each)
    Raw Materials: White Go stones / Mexican Clam Shells, Black Go stones / Nachiguro Go stones from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
    Our Nachiguro Go stones are 0.3mm thicker and 0.3mm larger in diameter than the same number of Clamshell White Go stones.
    The reason is that white color is an expansion color, which makes the black stones look a little smaller than white stones of the same diameter and thickness.
    A paulownia Go stones wood box, a cloth bag for Go stones, and a certificate of guarantee include.

    Accessory:Go Stones Care Kit "White and Black Go stones care kit Pack"

  • Go Bowls: Kyoto lacquer and Gold leaf processing craftsman made "Gold leaf (24k, class 1) finish Go Bowls" Extra Large for 36 size Go stones One set
    Accessory:Bags for Go Bowls [Pair items] specially made by Kurokigoishiten 1 set Paulownia Box for Go bowls

  • Please bear the actual cost for shipping charges outside Japan.

  • You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
    There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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