The luxurious full Go set the manager recommends MRL-308-MG02

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The Luxury Go full set the manager recommends.

This is a full set of the highest quality products, all of which are "supreme gems".
The manager has selected them with confidence.

The regular price of 1,039,880 yen is reduced by 240,880 yen to a special price of 799,000 yen for one set only.

 We recommend this set because・・・
The board is Go board craftsman Mr. Keiji MIWA made Japan grown Hon kaya 2.4-Sun (74mm thick) Tenchi-masa 1-piece Table Go Board.
Rare Japanese Hon Kaya Tenchi-masa one piece board with a thickness of 2.4-Sun (approx. 74mm).

The Go stones are "Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Snow grade 40", the highest grade of Mexican Clamshell Go stones.
Each "Clamshell Go stones" is carefully handcrafted by our Go stone craftsmen, and is a gem with exceptional hitting taste and special texture and feel.
It is a top quality "Clamshell Go stones" with pure white color and beautiful stripes.
The thickness of size 40 (thickness: approx. 11.3mm) is very thick for a Go stone, and you can fully enjoy the taste of Clamshell Go stones, which have both a profound and luxurious feel.
*The black Go stones come with Nachiguro Go stones.

Go Bowl is Made by Sen-suji technique kokutan (Ebony) Go Bowls For size 40 Go stones.
This Go Bowl is made of ebony using the traditional Japanese hikimono technique called "sen-suji," which is used to make bowls, trays, and other round vessels.
Ebony is popular as a high-grade wood, and is used for Buddhist altars and piano keys because of its fine wood quality, weight, and hardness. The striped pattern of jet-black and light red is very popular for its profound coloring, but it is a rare material because it is difficult to obtain the wood and difficult to process.

This full set includes the Go Board, Go Stone, Go Bowls, Bag for Go Bowls, Paulownia Box for Go bowls, Tatami Mat, and Go Stone Care Set.
This set is suitable for intermediate to advanced players, as a gift, or as a collection. Of course, it is also recommended for actual games.

Go board: Go board craftsman Mr. Keiji MIWA made Japan grown Hon kaya 2.4-Sun (74mm thick) Tenchi-masa 1-piece Table Go Board.
Kaya is the best material for Go and Shogi boards in the history of the use of various kinds of wood as board material, from its good hitting taste, moderate elasticity, beautiful grain, color, luster and aroma.
Japanese Kaya wood tends to have a relatively bright yellowish color and has a different wood aroma.
Depending on your taste, Japanese Kaya is generally more highly valued than Chinese Kaya, and its value and price tend to be higher due to its scarcity.
*Scales are finished with Japanese lacquer Tachimori.
Engraved "Keihou" mark on the board.
*Tatami mat included.

Go Stone: "Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Snow grade 40". Clamshell Go stones are white Go stones made from clam shells.
Each Clamshell Go stone is made by hand by craftsmen through a process of more than 20 manufacturing steps.
It takes approximately 2 to 6 months from the clam shell to the finished product.
We invite you to experience the skill of goishi making that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and the brilliance of Go stone cut by traditional Go stone making craftsmen.
Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Snow grade have some scratches and a light color derived from the raw material, but are of a semi-qualified level of quality that is judged to be fine for a Go stone.
Snow grade is a title that can only be given to Go stones with stripes that are more than 80% straight.
The "Clamshell Go Stones Premium Snow grade" is the highest quality Go stone with almost no flaws and more than 80% straight stripes.
*Please check the stripe sample image.
*These Go stones are made from Mexican Clamshells.
*Nachiguro Go stones (Black Go stones) is included.
*Comes with a Go stones care set.

Go Bowl: Made by Sen-suji technique kokutan (Ebony) Go Bowls For size 40 Go stones. This is one of the ancient techniques of hikimono (grinding).
In order to hold a wooden bowl firmly, multiple narrow grooves are carved on the side of the bowl where you can hold it with your fingers.
Go Bowl is used with Go stones in it, so the weight of the Go Bowl itself plus the weight of the Go stones adds up to several kilograms.
In addition to the practical aspect of making it easier to hold, the beauty of the finish is also a major attraction of Sen-suji.
*Bags for Go Bowl made of Nishijin included.
*Paulownia Box for Go bowls is included.
*For details of each product, please refer to the product links below.

  • Go Board:Go board craftsman Mr. Keiji MIWA made Japan grown Hon kaya 2.4-Sun (74mm thick) Tenchi-masa 1-piece Table Go Board
  • Product Number:No.78032
    Size:height approx.460 ㎜ × width approx.430 ㎜ × thick approx.74 ㎜
    Weight:approx. 7.4 ㎏
    Accessory:Tatami mat for Board

  • Go stones: Clamshell Go Stones BLUE Label Snow grade 40
    Thickness: size 40 White stones / approx. 11.3mm, Black stones / 11.6mm Diameter: White stone/21.9mm, Black stone/22.2mm
    Quantity: 180 white Clamshell Go stones, 181 Black Nachiguro Go stones (+ 2 spare Go stones each)
    Raw Materials: White Go stones / Mexican Clam Shells, Black Go stones / Nachiguro Go stones from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
    Our Nachiguro Go stones are 0.3mm thicker and 0.3mm larger in diameter than the same number of Clamshell White Go stones.
    The reason is that white color is an expansion color, which makes the black stones look a little smaller than white stones of the same diameter and thickness.
    A paulownia Go stones wood box, a cloth bag for Go stones, and a certificate of guarantee include.
    Accessory:Go Stones Care Kit "White and Black Go stones care kit Pack"

  • Made by Sen-suji technique kokutan (Ebony) Go Bowls For size 40 Go stones One set
    Accessory:Bags for Go Bowls [Pair items] specially made by Kurokigoishiten 1 set Paulownia Box for Go bowls

  • Please bear the actual cost for shipping charges outside Japan.

  • You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
    There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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