Clamshell Go Stone Golf Marker

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We have produced a golf marker with Clamshell Go stones.
Considering visibility on the green, we made it into a magnetic marker with a clip based on "white Go stones".
It is our original product and you cannot find it anywhere else.
Commemoration of "Go Day", only 10 pieces are available.

We recommend it as a gift for golf lovers.

Limited to 10 pieces!
Regular price 1,800 yen ⇒ New release commemorative price 1,500yen

  • Clamshell Go Stone Golf Marker 2301-NYGM-01
    Size: 25mm in diameter
    Weight: 17g
     Materials: Mexican clamshell, base, clip portion / iron (resume plating)

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  • Only 4 pieces in stock!

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