Calligrapher Mr.Satoshi Iwao work "愛 (Ai / Love)"

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This work is Calligrapher Mr. Satoshi Iwao created the "愛 (Ai / Love)".

This is a work by Satoshi Iwao, a calligrapher who lives in Miyazaki City and continues to expand and pursue the possibilities of "calligraphy" without being confined to "writing on Japanese paper with ink and brush".

A single word "愛 (Ai / love)" in strong brush strokes and a cat looking up at something are depicted on Hanshi paper, creating a lovely impression.

Mr. Iwao said, "The reason why the motif is a cat is because I am a big cat lover and I like to draw cats. The eyes are looking up to show the cat's love for its owner.", he says.
The soft fur of the cat expressed with a fine brush and the light ink coloring are typical of Mr. Iwao, who is also skilled at painting.

This work is in framed.

Born in Miyazaki, Japan, 29 years of calligraphy experience
Appeared on NHK's "Asa Ichi" program, teaching calligraphy to Mr. Hanamaru Daikichi Hakata and Mr. Yoichi Nukumizu.
2018 and 2019, Invited to exhibit at the JAPAN EXPO in Paris, France.
2018 and 2019, He was the runner-up in the National Calligrapher Battle Raven Calligraphy Performance Competition.

  • Calligrapher Mr.Satoshi Iwao work "愛 (Ai / Love)"
    Hanshi paper, in framed
    *Wall hanging brackets and strings are included.
    Size : 352 ㎜ × 453 ㎜ × 25 ㎜
    Weight : about 1.5 kg

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