Clamshell Go Stones Gold Label Size 39 *Repair product MGS-GR39-404-01


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This produt is "Clamshell Go Stones Gold Label Size 39". *Repair product

With a 11.0mm thickness, Size 39 is a Go stones that combines massive thickness with a sense of luxury and presence.

This time, we are selling only 1 set of Size 39.
*These Go stones are “repaired” Go stones made from Mexican Clamshells and polished to look like new by craftsman.
As shown in the image, the repaired product has a finish comparable to a new one.
*Please check the images.
*Nachiguro Black Go stones are also included.

New Product Reference Price : 3,200,000 JPY

This is a size 39 Repaired Go stones of “Gold label”, which boasts of its exceptional beauty among the Clamshell Go stones.
With a 11.0mm thickness, Size 39 is a Go stones that combines massive thickness with a sense of luxury and presence.
It is hard to see in the picture, but the stripes are thin and straight, and this beautiful white Gold label Go stones are as white as new Go stones.
You can enjoy the cool and smooth feeling of Clamshell Go stones.

*Since this is a repaired item, the numbering on the Go stones is not applied.
●The numbering information can be found on the following page.
What is “New Numbering System” for our stones?

What is "Gold label" ?
The highest grade Clamshell Go stones are the “Premium Go stones Snow grade”, which is white with beautiful stripes, and only the most beautiful white striped Clamshell Go stones among the "Snow grade" are collected as “Gold label”.
During the production of Go stones, there are rare occasions when a Go stone is so beautiful that the craftsman's hands stop.
These stones are collected little by little, and over several years to a dozen years, 182 stones of the same thick size are collected to finally complete 1set of “Gold label”.
Since it depends on the raw materials, we do not know when or how many "Gold label" will be produced.
"Gold label" Go stones are a gem of beauty, made from miraculous materials created by nature and painstakingly crafted with expert skill.

What is "Repair product"?
Thanks to our craftsmen's repair work on our new and old stocks, as well as second-hand goods, these items seem to be completely reborn and look like "New" products.
After polishing, Go stones recover a shine which makes them look just like new.

We try our best to describe the condition of our repaired products as precisely as possible using pictures and text.
Please order items only after checking and accepting their condition.

  • Clamshell Go Stones Gold Label Size 39*Repair product
    Product No. : MGS-GR39-404-01
    Thickness : Size 39 White Go stones / 11.0 ㎜, Black Go stones / 11.3 ㎜
    Diameter : White Go stones / 21.9㎜, Black Go stones / 22.2㎜
    *Our Nachiguro Black Go stones are made 0.3mm thicker and 0.3mm larger in diameter than same size Clamshell White Go stones.
    The reason for this is that white is an expansive color, which makes black Go stones appear slightly smaller than white Go stones of the same diameter and thickness when viewed by the human eyes.
    *Clamshell White Go stones are Repair Product.
    Quantity : Clamshell white Go Stones 180, Nachiguro slate black Go stones 181
    Paulownia box, Fabric bag, Spare stones (2 for each)
    Weight : About 3.2 kg
    1,000 JPY flat rate shipping within Japan, free shipping for purchases totaling 20,000 JPY or more.
    Please bear the actual cost for shipping charges outside Japan.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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