Gold leaf finish Go board, Go Bowls "煌 KIRAMEKI" 9X9 Go Board 3-Piece Go Set 406-GLS-01


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This Gold leaf finish Go board, Go Bowls "煌 KIRAMEKI" 9X9 Go Board 3-Piece Go Set.

This set is a Luxurious miniature 3-piece set consisting of a 9X9 board with gold leaf finish, miniature Go bowls and Go stones, "Luxurious Gold leaf Go set "煌 KIRAMEKI"".

This Luxurious Go set is a special order product made in collaboration with Mr. Norifumi Fujisawa, certified gold leaf stamping craftsman "Kyo-Kinpaku-Oshi-Tokowaka", board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi Yoshida, and Kurokigoishiten.
This Luxurious Go set is the cannot find anywhere else.

All gold leaf is made by gold leaf stamping craftsman Mr. Norifumi Fujisawa.
The Go board and Go bowls are finished with a black lacquer base and a flicker of gold leaf.
*The gold leaf finish is coated on top of the gold leaf finish, so the leaf is not easily peeled off under normal use.

Gold leaf stamping craftsman Mr. Norifumi Fujisawa

Born in Kyoto City, he graduated from the Kyoto Traditional Crafts College of Butsugu (Buddhist altar) gold leaf stamping course in 1998, and studied under Masaharu Okamoto, a traditional craftsman and a contemporary master gold leaf stamping artist.
He was involved in gold leaf processing for shrines and temples throughout Japan.
He later became independent as "Kyo Kinpaku Oshi Tokowaka" (Kyoto Gold Leaf Pressing Tokowaka) and obtained the title of "Certified Craftsman of Kyoto" approved by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture in 2015.

In recent years, he has been actively expanding the scope of his activities by managing projects that fuse traditional gold leaf techniques with contemporary art and other genres, holding gold leaf workshops and solo exhibitions in France, Asia, and other regions, and actively communicating the appeal of gold leaf stamping both domestically and internationally.

Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi Yoshida

Yoshida Gobanten was established in 1916 and continuously made various Go and Shogi boards for more than 100years.
The owner takes over the name of 'Master Yoshida Torayoshi' for generations.
We are happy to offer these special boards made by the Go board master Mr. YOSHIDA Torayoshi, for his devotion and his long years of experience and outstanding technique.

●Go board : Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi Yoshida made Hyuga Kaya 9X9 Go Board Ten-masa 1.3 Sun (about 42 mm thick)
*Lines are Tachimori finished.

The 9X9 Go board was made by a board craftsman, and all the processes from black lacquer coating of the base to gold leaf stamping and coating were done by craftsmen with a lot of time and care.
Without covering the entire surface of the five surfaces except the top, it is made to gleam with the beauty of the gold leaf while also preserving the color of the black lacquer.

The bottom of the Go board has a small gold leaf inscription on the bottom as proof of the work of Mr. Norifumi Fujisawa, "Kyo-Kinpaku-Oshi-tokowaka".
*Please check the photo image.

●Go bowls : Keyaki [zelkova] miniature Go bowls for 9X9 Go Board
The entire process, from the black lacquer coating on the base, the vermilion lacquer coating inside, to the foil stamping and coating, is done by craftsmen who put a lot of time and effort into each step of the process.
The front side is made glittering with the beauty of gold leaf while retaining the color of black lacquer.

●Go stones
White Go stones : Clamshell Go stones Premium Blossom grade size 33.
Black Go stones : Nachi-guro slate Go stones size 33.

  • Go board : Board craftsman Mr. Torayoshi Yoshida made Hyuga Kaya 9X9 Go Board Ten-masa 1.3 Sun (about 42 mm thick)
    *Lines are Tachimori finished.

    *This special edition Go board has a gold leaf finish on five sides except the top surface, which is finished by Norifumi Fujisawa, a gold leaf stamping artisan.
    Product No : NO.76962
    Size : 219 mm × 200 mm × 42 mm
    Weight : about 1.1kg
  • Go bowls : Keyaki [zelkova] miniature Go bowls for 9X9 Go Board
    *Special gold leaf finish by gold leaf stamping artisan Norifumi Fujisawa.
    Materials : Keyaki [zelkova] wood

  • Go stones : Premium Go stones Blossom grade
    Quality : The highest quality with almost no scratches that has cleared strict selection standards.
    Grade (striped pattern) : The spacing between the stripes is a little coarser than "Snow grade", which is about 70% or less of the total.
    Thickness : size 33 : White Go stones/9.2 ㎜, Black Go stones/9.5 ㎜
    Diameter : White Go stones/21.9㎜, Black Go stones/22.2㎜
    *Our black Go stones are 0.3 mm large thicker and 0.3 mm large diameter than the same size of white Go stones.
    The reason is that white is an expanded color, so when you see white Go stones and black Go stones of the same diameter and thickness with the human eye, the black Go stones look a little smaller.
    So we adjusted them so that they look the same size.
    Quantity : 42 Clamshell White Go stones, 42 Nachiguro Slate Black Go stones
    Materials : White Go stones/Mexican clamshell, Black Go Stones/Nachiguro Slate from Kumano City, Mie Pref., Japan
    Include : These Go stones are for 9X9 Go board, in a Go Bowls.

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