"Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) painting (framed)"


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This is a "Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) painting (framed)" produced by "Oishi Tengu-do," a long-established karuta (playing cards) shop established in 1800.

【Hanafuda as art】
This set includes 8 popular and representative Hanafuda designs and a special frame.
The eight original designs, drawn in cooperation with a laboratory at Kyoto Institute of Technology, were framed by Oishi Tengu-do, a long-established Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) maker, to be enjoyed as art.

This "Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) painting (framed)" can enjoy 8 types of Hanafuda patterns by changing the patterns.
It can be enjoyed hanging on the wall or standing up.

"Oishi-Tengu-Do 大石天狗堂" was founded in 1800 by "Kuranosuke Oishi 大石内蔵助" in Kyoto, and has been a long-established karuta (Japanese style playing cards) shop in Kyoto for over 200 years.
Through "karuta," as represented by the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, as well as Go and Shogi, "Oishi-Tengu-Do 大石天狗堂" is conveying the traditional beauty of Japan, the Japanese spirit, and the elegance and fun of Kyoto to the modern age.
Oishi Tengu-do's representative products include Iroha Karuta, Inubou Karuta, Kyo Iroha Karuta, Genji Karuta, Genji Kaiawase, Hana Karuta, Hanafuda, Unsun Karuta, as well as Hyakunin Isshu.
In particular, Oishi Tengu-do produces karuta approved by the All Japan Karuta Association for the Hyakunin Isshu, and the Genji Karuta, a karuta based on Japan's world-famous Tale of Genji, is another popular product of Oishi Tengu-do.

  • "Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) painting (framed)"
  • 8 Hanafuda paintings and 1 dedicated frame
    *Hanafuda paintings are prints.
    *Includes cord and hardware for wall hanging.
  • Size : 5397 × 306 × 22mm
    *This is the size of the framed image.
  • Weight : About 1.1kg

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