"Nachiguro (Black) Go stones Care Kit" for exclusive use of Nachiguro Slate Go stones


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This product is "Nachiguro (Black) Go stones Care Kit".

In the image list, there is a video of "How to care for Go stones" (Japanese and English versions).
For information on how to care for your Go stones and how to use the "Nachiguro (Black) Go Stone Care Kit", please check the video.

Go stones will gradually become dirty and lose their luster with use.
On our shopping site, we provide information on how to care for white and black Go stones on the "Maintenance of Go Stones" page, but it only includes cleaning methods to remove dirt.
After much trial and error to find a way to revive the lost luster of Go stones, we have finally developed a "Nachiguro (Black) Go stones Care Kit" that allows customers to restore the luster of their stones by themselves.
Please watch the video in the image list to check how to clean and keep your Go stones beautiful and use them for many years to come.
>Go to "Maintenance of Go Stones" page

This kit is designed to revive the luster of Nachiguro Go stones after cleaning to remove stains.
Please review the product instructions and video to polish your Go stones.

"If the Nachiguro (Black) Go stones become dirty......"

1. Wash Go stones in soapy water with a mild detergent to clean the surface.

2. Let stones dry in the sun or shade in an airy place.

3.When stones are well dried, clean both sides of each stone with a cotton cloth.

>Go to "Maintenance of Go Stones" page

"If the Nachiguro (Black) Go stones lose their luster......"
*Please check movie.

1. Place about half of the washed and dried Go stones on the black hand towel in the "Care Kit" and spray a small amount of non-sticky baby oil or similar in the sprayer provided.

2. Wrap the Go stones in a towel and rub gently with both hands so that the oil is spread over the entire Go stones.
*To prevent oil stains, it is safer to lay a plastic or similar material on the desk.

3. Finally, wipe off excess oil with a towel for a clean finish.

  • "Nachiguro (Black) Go stones Care Kit"
    Microfiber Towel : 1
    Spray bottle with baby oil 5 ml : 1

  • Please bear the actual cost for shipping charges outside Japan.
  • The "Nachiguro (Black) Go stones Care Kit" is a kit for polishing Nachiguro (Black) Go stones made from Nachiguro slate stones.
    Do not use on glass or plastic Go stones made from materials other than Nachiguro slate stones.
    *Please use the "Clamshell (White) Go Stones Care Kit" to add luster to Clamshell (White) Go stones made from Clamshells.

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