Wood craftsman "Kai-shi (懐志)" made Sen-suji technique "Kurumi / Walnut" Go bowls


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"Rare Go Bowls Collection"

We have a large selection of Go Bowl made of rare materials that are rarely found on the market.
Recommended for those who are looking for an unusual Go Bowl, or for those who are looking for a Go Bowl that is different from others.

This is made by Sen-suji technique Kurumi (Walnut), which is very rare as Go Bowls.
It is a rare item that is rarely distributed in the market.

The calm reddish-brown wood color and soft grain of this Go Bowl give it a natural look.
These Go bowls are made using the hikimono (grinding) technique called "Sen-suji", in which the wood is worked on a potter's wheel to make bowls, trays, and other round vessels.
Limited while supplies last.

You can watch a video of Making Go bowls by wood craftsman "Kai-shi(懐志)".
Please take a look.

Long-established business founded in Kansei Era (around 1790)
"Kai-shi (懐志)", a long-established woodworking company, was founded in the Kansei era (around 1790).
When the company was first established, it made trays, wooden plates, and other tableware, but later, when it was commissioned to make Go bowls, it became a woodworking company specializing in Go bowls.
The word "Kai-shi (懐志)" expresses their desire to "never forget the techniques handed down from generation to generation and our sincere efforts to make Go bowls, and to carve our thoughts into our own bosom with high aspirations."
Currently, the fourth generation of the family, who has devoted 65 years of his life to making Go bowls, is devoting himself to making Go bowls every day.

The essence of "Kai-shi (懐志)" 4th generation's Go bowls making is to maximize the beauty of the material, wood, and to create Go bowls that combine practicality and artistry.
Facing each material one by one and checking the feel of it in their fingertips and palms, they transform the wood into a Go bowls.
And the proof of this is the engraving of "Kai-shi (懐志)" on the bottom of the Go bowls.

All the tools for making Go bowls are handmade.
All necessary tools are customize.
*Please check the photo images.

The wood color is a subdued reddish-brown hue.
The grain is not very distinct, giving the wood a soft impression.
Wood can warp and twist, but Kurumi wood is said to be less prone to such distortions.
It is neither too soft nor too hard and has a moderate tenacity.
This makes it relatively easy to cut, carve, and otherwise process.
When polished, it has a natural luster, making it an excellent wood with a good finish.
Because of its characteristics, it has long been valued as a material for furniture and construction.

"Sen-suji" is an ancient Japanese "hiki-mono" technique in which wood is worked on a potter's wheel or lathe to make bowls, trays, and other circular vessels.
In order to hold a wooden bowl firmly, multiple narrow grooves are carved on the side of the bowl where the fingers can rest, and in most cases, this process is applied to the hand-holding part or the side of the bowl.
Since Go bowls are used with Go stones in it, the weight of the Go bowls itself plus the weight of the Go stones adds up to several kilograms, but the "Sen-suji" process makes it easier to hold.
In addition to the practical aspect of making it easier to hold, the beauty of the finish is also a major attraction of "Sen-suji".

The word "hiki-mono" is also used to refer to the process of turning or cutting wood on a wheel, and thus, items made by turning wood on a wheel, etc. are called "hiki-mono".

  • Product : Made by Sen-suji technique Kurumi [Walnut] Go Bowls
    Conformity Go stone for size : size 36 - 42
    weight : about 1.3 kg

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You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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