Wood craftsman "Kai-shi (懐志)" made "Kago / Litsea Coreana" Go bowls


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"Rare Go Bowls Collection"

We have a large selection of Go Bowl made of rare materials that are rarely found on the market.
Recommended for those who are looking for an unusual Go Bowl, or for those who are looking for a Go Bowl that is different from others.

This is made of "Kago" [Litsea Coreana], which is very rare as Go Bowls.
It is a rare item that is rarely distributed in the market.

This is a beautiful Go Bowl with a bright, slightly reddish wood color and consistent wood grain.
Extra Large (Go stone size 30 ~ 35) and Super Extra Large (Go stone size 36 ~ size 42) sizes are sold individually, while supplies last.

You can watch a video of Making Go bowls by wood craftsman "Kai-shi(懐志)".
Please take a look.

Long-established business founded in Kansei Era (around 1790)
"Kai-shi (懐志)", a long-established woodworking company, was founded in the Kansei era (around 1790).
When the company was first established, it made trays, wooden plates, and other tableware, but later, when it was commissioned to make Go bowls, it became a woodworking company specializing in Go bowls.
The word "Kai-shi (懐志)" expresses their desire to "never forget the techniques handed down from generation to generation and our sincere efforts to make Go bowls, and to carve our thoughts into our own bosom with high aspirations."
Currently, the fourth generation of the family, who has devoted 65 years of his life to making Go bowls, is devoting himself to making Go bowls every day.

The essence of "Kai-shi (懐志)" 4th generation's Go bowls making is to maximize the beauty of the material, wood, and to create Go bowls that combine practicality and artistry.
Facing each material one by one and checking the feel of it in their fingertips and palms, they transform the wood into a Go bowls.
And the proof of this is the engraving of "Kai-shi (懐志)" on the bottom of the Go bowls.

All the tools for making Go bowls are handmade.
All necessary tools are customize.
*Please check the photo images.

The "Kago" tree is a tall evergreen tree of the Camphoraceae family and is found in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, Taiwan, and southern Korea west of Chiba Prefecture.

Characteristics of "Kago" material
The wood of the deerwood has a light, pale reddish color.
The wood is hard and dense, so it is used not only for flooring, building materials, musical instruments, and utensils, but also for drum bodies, ship masts, wheels, and gunstocks.

Origin of tree names
The tree's bark peels off in thin rounded strips, forming a mottled pattern similar to that of a deer, hence the name "deer tree".
When the diameter of the tree reaches about 20 cm, the entire bark begins to peel off, forming a beautiful deer pattern.

  • Product : "Kago" [Litsea Coreana] Go Bowls
    Conformity Go stone for size :
    size 30 - 35
    size 36 - 42
    *Please select size
    weight :
    Extra Large size about 0.9 kg
    Super Extra Large size about 1.0 kg

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You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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