Hyuga Kaya Go board for 8mm diameter Go stones 3piece Go set 406-8M-04

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This product is 8mm diameter Go stones, Go board and Go bowls 3piece Go set.
The set consists of a 8mm diameter Clamshell Go stone like the tip of your little finger, a palm-sized Hyuga Kaya 19x19 board, and miniature Go Bowls about 60mm that fit in your palm.
The size of the set is about 1/3 scale of the normal size, but each of the Go stones, Go board, and Go Bowls are made of authentic materials.

For gifts and collections.
Of course, it is also recommended for actual games.

  • Go stone
    The diameter of normal Go stones is 21.8mm for white stones and 22.2mm for black stones (white is an expansion color, so the black stones look the same size on the board by making them slightly larger). However, the Go stones in this miniature set are about 8 mm in diameter, which is about 1/3 the normal diameter.
    Each stone is made by hand by Go stone craftsmen. 8mm go stones are time-consuming and labor-intensive compared to normal size go stones.
    According to a Go stone craftsman, "The size is so small that it is difficult to grasp with fingers, it is difficult to make the shape of a Go stone, and it is difficult to make a beautiful Go stone shape".
    However, even though the size is only about 1/3, we did not cut any corners and the quality is as good as that of the regular sized products.
  • Go board
    Hyuga-kaya made Go board with for 8mm diameter Go stones.
    Hyuga Kaya wood is depleted, and material for regular-sized 1-piece boards is rarely available.
    However, because of its miniature size of about 1/3, we were able to produce a 1-piece Hyuga Kaya board.
    Moreover, the scales are finished with Japanese lacquer "Tachi-mori" finish.

    *One side has a tiny scratch.
    *Please check the photo image.
  • Go bowls
    The Go bowls are made of zelkova, which is known as a high-class Go Bowls and is very popular, and are custom-made for miniature sets.
    It is for 8mm Go stones, so it is a cute Go Bowls with a diameter of about 60mm and fits in the palm of your hand.
    Zelkova is a representative woodwork in Japan and has a clear grain and is resistant to water and moisture.
    The wood is light yellowish-brown or reddish-brown in color, and has a triumvirate of beauty of grain, strength, and decay resistance.

    *"Kaishi" engraved on the bottom
  • Go stones : 8mm diameter Go stones
    Size : Diameter 8㎜ Thickness 4mm
    White Go stones : Mexican clam shells Go stones 180+Spare 2 pieces
    Black Go stones : Nachi slate black Go stones 181+Spare 2 pieces
    *These Go stones do not come with a Go stone bag or box. They will be in miniature Go Bowls.
  • Go board : Hyuga-kaya made Go board for 8mm diameter Go stones Tenchi-masa 0.9-Sun (about 30 mm thick)
    Size : 175 ㎜ × 164 ㎜ × 30 ㎜
    The lines of this board are finished Tachi-mori.
    Please check the comparison image.
  • Go bowls : Keyaki made Go bowls for 8mm diameter Go stones
    Size : Diameter 60mm Height about 45mm
    Please check the comparison image.
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  • You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.
    There may be some small flaw or scratch, dent, chipping.

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